What Do You Wish To Attain Through Yoga?

We have an intake form at the Studio; you know, asking for
name, address, email; medical complications; blah, blah, blah.

On that form we also ask this question: What do you wish to attain through yoga?

This is because of one of my primary teachers, Goswami Kriyananda. Throughout my training, he continually emphasized that we are to teach what the students want to learn; not our own little agenda; not what we think people need.

What do the students want? What information do they seek?

So, I was thinking about this, because I’ve been thinking a lot about intention – about the linking of thought/action/spirit – which is how you make anything, ANYTHING actually happen in your life.

What do our students want?

Oh, the majority of intake forms say things like “strength,” “flexibility,” “toning,” “stretching.” But there are some really interesting answers lurking about in the file drawer, and I thought I’d share my favorites.
And the interesting thing is – all these things – ALL THESE THINGS, yoga can bring you; it delivers. All you ever have to do is this: PRACTICE.

meditation and flexibility

it’s part of my spiritual practice


focus, calm, openness, fire

tone and stretch

not sure

relax, man

time with my wife

internal space


quiet mind


physical and personal growth

pain free

that could take a long time . . . .

inner peace and badass flexibility

a better understanding of self

better breathing

a happy spouse

inner strength



love and light

open hips

weight management

community of like-minded individuals


help for my back

a positive experience

re-educating my body


deep relaxation and spiritual advancement


eternal youth!

to feel better physically, mentally


peace, connection, oneness, movement


peace and light


learn to be more calm


better health

improve my practice



core strength

wife happy


opening up and letting go of stress


hmmm . . . there’s many things

mind yoked to body


So . . . if you read this far (and I hope you did . . . ) what is it that YOU seek?
As Kriyanandaji says . . . “Traveler in time . . . this is not your final resting place, what is it that you seek here?”

2 Replies to “What Do You Wish To Attain Through Yoga?”

  1. Lisa

    Meditation and more strength for toddlers. I spend a hunk of my day bent over or sitting on the floor with toddlers in my lap. Some days I feel as though I've been wadded up like a piece of paper. I so want to get back to a yoga practice.

  2. Jill Loftis

    take the time to get on your mat, even if you have a little person crawling all over you! and sometimes you just gotta book a sitter, ask a friend for help, whatever, and get yourself to a class. It will make you a better person and a better mommy! Blessings


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