Walk Unafraid

If you’ve read this blog over the years you will recall my son is quite the sage; his nickname from friends is Buddha Boy; incredible wisdom flows from his young heart.

Often my children introduce me to new music; and often, I introduce it to them. Recently the song “Walk Unafraid” has been rotating heavily through my playlist; lovely cover of the original 1998 REM song by the group First Aid Kit; it’s on the “Wild” movie soundtrack.

My son and I often connect with music; having the same favorites and style. And he’s been listening to this song as well; I’ve found him in his room on his recently acquired iPod, listening to it over and over.

Last night snuggling on the couch he inquired about the lyrics; I didn’t know some of them – a job for Google! So he looked them up and printed them off. Brought them over to me on the couch. “You want to sing it together?” he asked.

He just turned 12; sweet boy on the cusp of changing from a boy to man; so bittersweet and I know he’ll have to break himself free from me on some levels very soon. This is a moment I will cherish.

“Sure,” I responded, and so we settled in together; not quite hitting the notes perfectly; not quite ready for prime-time; but so beautiful; I never want to forget us singing together; reminding each other to walk unafraid.

So here are the lyrics.  Me and my son; probably some of you too; are walking into an a new and unknown phase of life filled with incredible changes.  I don’t know anyone who isn’t right now.  But perhaps these words from the song will help guide you on your way. Just like they are guiding us.
As the sun comes up

As the moon goes down
These heavy notions creep around
It makes me think, long ago

I was brought into this life

A little lamb, a little lamb
Courageous, stumbling
Fearless was my middle name

But somewhere there I lost my way

Everyone walks the same
Expecting me to step
The narrow path they’ve laid

They claim to

Walk unafraid
I’ll be clumsy instead
Hold me, love me or leave me high

Say “keep within the boundaries if you want to play”

Say “contradiction only makes it harder”
How can I be
What I want to be?

When all I want to do is strip away

These stilled constraints
And crush this charade
Shred this sad masquerade

I don’t need no persuading

I’ll trip, fall, pick myself up and

Walk unafraid
I’ll be clumsy instead
Hold me, love me or leave me high

If I have a bag of rocks to carry as I go

I just want to hold my head up high
I don’t care what I have to step over
I’m prepared to look you in the eye

Look me in the eye

And if you see familiarity
Then celebrate the contradiction
Help me when I fall to

Walk unafraid

I’ll be clumsy instead
Hold me, love me or leave me high

I will walk unafraid

I’ll be clumsy instead
Hold me, love me or leave me high



2 Replies to “Walk Unafraid”

  1. Kate

    great post. I am cherishing these moments as well–with Jack and I it is our shared afternoon dog walks. By the way, I saw Wild last night with some girlfriends. The movie was just as fabulous as the book, which I believe I have read 4 times. I love the soundtrack too

  2. Jill Loftis

    thank you Kate! oh yes, such special moments with these master teacher boys 🙂 I did enjoy the movie but adored the book; we need to spend an evening listening to the soundtrack with wine!! xoxo


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