Wake Me Up

If you’ve made it to one of my Hatha 2 classes in the past few months, you have probably heard the song “Bring Me to Life” by Evanesence.

Ahhh, love to rock out in a yoga class.

But, seriously; it is so important that we all wake up, and soon.

Part of this cycle is to rip away our delusions; to peek behind the proverbial curtains and figure out who all the (allegedly) great and powerful Oz’s REALLY are. If you read the paper, you can see it coming on a large scale.

The question is, can you see it in your life? Are you awake?

Can you take full responsibility for who you are, and where you are in life? Whatever it is that is happening to you, the people around you; you’ve brought them into your circle. Why?

Wake Up.

Can you look at the cycles of your life; the continual issues that follow you around from job to job, from relationship to relationship? Do you understand why they keep reoccurring? Or are you always blaming other people?

Wake Up.

How many systems are you utterly dependent upon? It can boggle the mind to think how dependent we are on banks, electricity, gas and oil; on 1-2 gigantic food producers. The massive, flawed heath care system. What would happen if we even had 1 week without one of those systems functioning?

Wake Up.

During the coming cycle, things will change so quickly and so dramatically; how entrenched are you in your ways of thinking? How rigid in your mind, in your habits? How attached to your labels and identities?

Wake Up.

Do you have healthy ways of coping with change; with stress; with the huge shifts that are coming? Or is your answer to numb yourself in the countless ways our society provides?

The choice is to either wake up NOW, prepare, ponder; or wait for the alarm to go off. What are you choosing?



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