Uttara Yoga Teacher Training

You can always look back upon your life and reflect upon where you leaned in; where you took risks; where a challenge was laid down; and you stood up, and met it.  And also where you didn’t; where you waffled; waited.  Choosing to do nothing is still a choice.

One of my teachers often said, we incur much more difficult karma from what we leave undone in life, as opposed to what we actually do.

me and Katieji

When Katie Silcox came to me about creating the Uttara Yoga Teacher Training program two years ago, let me tell you, I was honored.  Katie is a rockstar in the yoga world, which is frankly irrelevant.  What matters was that I had taken her workshops, sat at her feet and learned a LOT from an ardent student of Tantra.  Katie has done THE WORK.  It shows up in every layer of her being.  So when she wanted to work with me, she helped me to honor myself; my journey; yoga teacher training in Roanoke?  Yes; let’s do it.  Our similarities and our differences make us a unique and very complete teaching team.
I had wanted to offer teacher training in Roanoke for many reasons.  First, Uttara has many students who are looking to grow.  Especially my Life Transformation Course graduates; these are people who are hungry for the deeper teachings; people who don’t want to scratch the surface of life; they are really to drill and dig into the why, what and how of Life.  Seekers.  Many people take the trainings to learn about the deeper teachings to grow their own personal practice, and not because they plan to teach. 

Second, we need more yoga in Roanoke.  More studios; more teachers; more people bringing yoga to schools, offices and hospitals.  More people who are passionate about spreading the word about this vital science that helps with human problems.  Yoga teachers who can teach a class, not just lead a class; yoga teachers who keep students safe.  Joy-filled, generous, kind, knowledgeable yoga teachers who walk the walk and talk the talk.

My training at the Temple of Kriya Yoga was intense and very complete; one solid year of home student with four long intensive weekends; my initiation into Kriya; more study with Kriology and Mystical Sciences Courses; many discipleship weekends and alumni trainings.  Continuing education and additional certifications and apprenticeships with many teachers outside of the lineage to broaden my view.  At this point I have taught literally more than 3,000 yoga classes and I want to keep spreading the yoga love.  
first graduating class!  2013-14

Why should you take our training?  Well, I know less every day — but I know this:  my yoga is about love; it is about kindness, acceptance and non-judgment.  And that doesn’t mean you get to be lazy or sloppy.  Yoga to me is the highest service to humanity.  When you become a yoga teacher your very task is to change the World.  To help every human that you encounter to become their highest and best self.

And not just them; but you.  True yoga begins with the self; those of us that teach always remain students.  Our students become our teachers if you can simply open your heart to the lessons.

Would you like to shift your life?  Would you like to become an even greater blessing and force for goodness in the world?

Okay then; we have a few spaces left in our teacher training; maybe one of them belongs to you.  Email me, Jill@UttaraYogaStudio.com.



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