Time of Change II

Recently, I blogged about this time of change. Change is the only constant, yes, but we have entered into an astrology cycle that explains what’s going on, and where we’re headed. It’s all about transformation; shifts; explosive, blow-things-apart change.

For me, knowledge is power. So I’ve been trying to keep up with information about this time of transformation.

Pluto – the planet, not the cartoon character – is the primary mover and shaker that is creating the environment for extreme change. What? You heard Pluto was no longer a planet? I’m thinking by the time this cycle ends, around 2022, we’ll all agree that the demotion was a bit ill-advised.

If you keep a journal, look back to the dates of January 25, 2008; November 26, 2008; and September 11, 2009. Review the events in your life, and the world, about three days before and after each of these dates. This will give you a little “heads up” on how this cycle will unfold for you.

Like many people, I used to be an astrology skeptic; but it has helped me so much in my life, that I’m a true believer now. It’s a vast, complex science; for more information on the current cycle, read Goswami Kriyananda’s column at www.YogaChicago.com, Jan-Feb 2008 issue and the March-April 2008 issue. He gives much more detail, and in the March-April issue addresses how the cycle will affect each particular sun sign.

A more basic, general overview of the cycle is at: http://astrology.about.com/od/adaptingtochange2009/a/TimeRadChange.htm.

Why is this cycle so important? Well, for one thing, it’s going to last a long time – about the next 12 years or so. And secondly, Pluto is the planet of transformation; of death, dying and rebirth; of purging, and change; it also rules the collective unconscious, which means this transit will affect everyone on the planet, and even the planet itself.

Capricorn represents structure; power, authority, control. The last time these two forces came together was during the period 1762-1777; students of history may wish to look at the changes that occurred during that period for clues to the coming cycle.

This cycle will require us all to remain flexible, open and ready to embrace change. It will also require us to remove any unnecessary structures, habits, or belief systems from our hearts and minds. Like the trees that grow all around us, we can only grow mighty if we can move with the winds; if we are rigid, closed off, or unable to accept what IS, then we will be broken.

Many of us would like a crystal ball to look ahead and prepare; but the closest thing to it is your natal chart. Nothing will happen to you that is does not resonate with your soul; for some this period will be experienced as negative; others, positive. The transformative qualities of Pluto can be experienced as painful, but like childbirth, sometimes a little pain is necessary to produce the beauty that is Life.

Practical things to do: get your affairs in order; look to what has occurred in your own life during the dates indicated above; reflect on events, and the choices you have made so that you can move forward with wisdom.

As is always wise, have some food on hand; water, too. Capricorn symbolizes the Earth, and there will be issues with food availability and quality. Creating a relationship with local farmers is always wise, but particularly now. A small home garden or even planters would be a good investment.

Work toward improving your immune system; don’t wait for the magic pill, or health care establishment to make you all better. You’re health is your responsibility. Time to improve your diet; release negative habits; and work towards a plan of wellness, instead of taking the band-aid approach.

Get rid of clutter, mental and otherwise. Give away anything you don’t adore or need; lighten up your existence on every level.

Begin TODAY to visualize your life, in perfect harmony with the cycles of the Universe. Release fear, and have faith. Don’t blindly believe me, or anyone else in authority or power. Get the facts, make your choices, discover your own truth.

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu – May All Beings Be Happy and Free,


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