The Journey

A dear friend was visiting tonight; it had been far too long, so much catching up to do.  She saw my new space, the house I am renting after my divorce.  So good and affirming to have a sensitive soul acknowledge that I am blooming where planted.

We covered so much life in a mere two hours.  Eventually we glanced on the topic of my divorce.  She asked if communication with my ex was amicable, and I was so grateful to be able to answer a firm “yes” – we have been kind, understanding, and working in the best interests of our children. 

I am surrounded by families who are disintegrating in less harmonious ways, to everyone’s detriment. 

I have much to be grateful for.

And she reminded me, and I was so blessed by the reminder – she said something along the lines of “oh, well, so it means that you are not angry or sending out negative energy; give yourself credit for not creating a negative situation.”  And I had not really realized that – but it is true; I harbor no ill will; no anger; just sadness, and I think I have let that go, too.

I was so clearly meant to have three children with this man; but not to live the rest of my life with him.  He has honored our relationship by not punishing me for my decision.

As one of my dear astrologer friends says “sometimes, the karma is out” — is time for someone to leave your life, and for you to leave their life.  If you finish your mission, as it were, with the souls in your realm, then they fade away – or sometimes vanish.  If they linger, re-surface; then you have work to do.

But remember — attitude is all.

The spirit in which you approach what you are doing or living has more impact than anything you say verbally; any email or text.

I am in a transitory period in my story; my “Personal Legend” as Paulo Coelho so brilliantly illustrates in his epic work The Alchemist (you have not read this book???? please PLEASE do).  It is important to give thanks and appreciation to those who light the way and to be grateful to those who have brought me my karma.

Make the inner shift of gratitude; then trust and release; and THEN – step back and see what unfolds.




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