Thanks and Thanksgiving

So, today, I received the most beautiful email. It read like this:

“Thank you for being my friend. I love you.”

And . . . that was it.

Wow; holy WOW. I am
so grateful to this person. Things are
so busy this time of year; this day!
Cooking and cleaning and preparing and planning and trying to make
memories and magic. This tiny gesture
helped me to feel my relationship with her; a connected and happy and safe
place; and in the quiet space of my mind, in that moment, deep gratitude
bubbled up.

I always say that there are friends and then there are
FRIENDS. You know; the kind that you
call and say “hey, I’m kinda in . . . Singapore . . . and I . . . kinda lost my
passport . . . and I . . . kinda have no money . . . can you . . . kinda, come
get me??? . . .

This is one of those friends for me; I am blessed to have a
long, long list of those kind of friends.

Sometimes, we overflow with gratitude; for big things, small
things; for everything. And, other
times, we get stuck in “don’t have enough of” or “why can’t I have” or just “why
couldn’t you just . . .” or simply . . . “ouch ouch ouch.”


So, this is a week (astrology, not holiday caused!) of a little more emotion and anger and
movement in the direction of change than most people can handle with grace and
style. Have you noticed this in your
life, in the world around you?

I challenge you to take a moment; a deep breath, and tell me
— what are you grateful for? What
inspires your soul? Can you see the gifts
have you received? Can you see each
inhale and exhale as the deepest blessing?
Each morsel of food as communion?

Each interaction with family (family!) and friends as a
lesson on love and boundaries and acceptance and kindness and

Can we offer gratitude for our health before we are
sick? Enjoy the food even if it is not
our taste, our brand, our way? Can we
create a safe space to love within our families and serve them without an
attitude of self-sacrifice or not speaking our own truth?

There have been many, many years that I could do none of
those things. I am aware, and trying to
do better.

“Thank you for being my friend” — what greater gift could
you give to anyone in your life, be them blood related or spirit connected?

Blessed Thanksgiving,



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