Bavaria Instructors & Guides

Ilona is a local of Wasserburg who guides city tours with her friend Irene, as well an accomplished astrologer and photographer. Her first career was as a PR representative for a famous jazz musician, but her gradual infatuation with astrology and storytelling led her to leave her first chosen profession in search of one which included mysticism & ancient traditions. Ilonas adventures have led her to guide storytelling journeys down the Amazon, and to the fabled caves and cauldrons of the goddesses and witches of the Western traditions. During our time together, Ilona will give a guided city tour focusing on the Herstory, as well as a discussion session sharing some of her vast knowledge of the divine feminine in her Western form, and the importance of witchcraft and pagan traditions that morphed into Christianity.

Irene is a lifelong Wasserburg resident, whos family run the local bakery. An expert on the local history and traditions of her city, Irene is also the author of several books which are a whimsical take on bits of local history & lore. Irene will be co guiding our city tour, and joining us for conversation session and some outings.

Monika grew up on a farm near Wasserburg, hiking through the nearby forests and Alps. A working Mom who gradually adopted the Yoga practice as her kids grew, Moni has spent many years studying the Sivananda tradition and other Indian philosophy at Yoga Vidya, Germany’s most reputable ashram. Moni has trained with teacher Dinah Rodriguez, who’s style of “Hormone Yoga” has helped many women during Menopause. She teaches locally, as well as hosting yearly retreats in Andalusia, Spain, and Northern Italy. Her approach to Yoga is embodied love, and she will share a session with our group, as well as joining us for practice and some of our outings.

Erika is a longtime Wasserburg resident. Retired, and enjoying time with her grandchildren, Erika is heavily involved in the Waldorf education. Erika’s main hobby is Astrology, approaching the practice from a bit of Jungian inspiration in archetypes, as well as her own belief of “Psychological Astrology”. In the readings she gives to friends and clients, she always focuses on the positives, to help inspire and emphasize directions for personal growth. Erika will join us for a discussion and share some of her learning on the importance of the Lilith within the astrological wheel.

Christine runs the local Bakery, or ‘Backstube’, Wasserburg’s most popular hangout. A longtime practitioner of Yoga, Zen meditation, and world traveler, Christine will share a meal with us at her Cafe and share her commitment to using locally produced grains, women’s business ventures, and Bavarian traditions.