My teeny tiny guruji

The concept of “guru” is somewhat misunderstood by many people.

In a traditional lineage, like the holy Kriya lineage which is my spiritual lineage, each student (disciple) has a Guru (teacher). The Guru and the disciple are bound by more than words and thoughts. The Guru actually creates an astral connection between their souls. You are bound together until the student achieves God realization (enlightenment). The bond can only be released in this fashion, or if the student chooses to break the bond. It’s like a spiritual marriage of sorts. It is not a relationship either party enters into lightly.

But the actual word “guru” means “remover of darkness.” So even if you have a formal Guru (capital G), anyone can really be your guru (little g). The person who waits on you at the grocery store; a person you pass on the street; your friends; your family. Anyone that helps you to remove your darkness; anyone who brings light to something for you.

My children are some of my best teachers.

My son has always had very interesting insights into the Universe. At the age of three he asked me “Mommy, how did we get here . . . to the land?” I explained to him my understanding of how it works; that he decided to come here to work out some karma on the Earth. That he chose me and his Daddy to be his parents. That he entered into me to grow into a person in my body, and was born nine months later.

He was very satisfied with this explanation.

I asked him “So, where did you come from when you came here?” He looked at me and matter-of-factly stated “Heaven.” Ah. Yes.

About a month ago, he was observing one of his sisters; she was crying. Having a big angry-frustrated-miserable-hurt cry. He looked at me. “Mommy,” he said, “Do you think that it is possible to live your whole life without crying. Ever, at all?” I squatted down so we were eye to eye. “I don’t know buddy, what do you think?” “Well, sure!” he replied, “why not? Why couldn’t you go your whole life and just be happy?”

Ah. Yes.

Why couldn’t we go our whole life — and just be happy?



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  1. Becky

    AMEN! I totally agree Jill. My kids are, by far, my best teachers. I have never been so challenged, stretched, inspired, and humbled.
    I'm really enjoying your blog!


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