Most Beautiful Spring

As I get older, it’s almost like my eyes are larger, or able to take in more beauty.

Perhaps it’s just a deep, full appreciation of life, of nature; each season seems to be more spectacular every passing year. Last Fall, I kept thinking – wow – has it ever been this beautiful, this amazing?

This Spring, the tulip magnolias are so beautiful; perhaps I appreciate them more because many years a late Spring frost has burned their blossoms brown. Even the daffodils seems more cheerful. The hyacinths, more fragrant. The sky, more blue.

Watching the plain brown-gray of each tree turn to a shimmering burgundy, soft lime green; maybe an elegant coat of fluttering white flowers – each transformation induces an awe-inspired feeling deep within me.

The Sun itself seems brighter; the air, more nourishing to breathe.


Maybe, I am coming to understand how short a lifetime is. Maybe (just maybe), I am recognizing how delicate this balance is between life, and no-life. Earth; and no Earth. My time here; it is limited. That’s the only guarantee on the Earth plane.

Maybe I do not fully understand or comprehend; but I am coming into a deeper understanding, day by day.

I think tomorrow, I will make the time for a long walk.



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