“YOU are a manifestor.”

“I’m a . . . . what?” Sitting on the floor three years ago in the big, empty yoga studio, chatting with a woman who was interested in presenting a workshop, it hardly felt like I had “manifested” the Studio. At the time I was stressed, worried about making the rent, and thinking, ”Honey, this didn’t just appear; I have been working like a dog.”

In the years that have passed, an understanding of manifestation and the laws of creation have become more clear to me. And I realize, this woman who I really didn’t know very well; she was right.

Nobody said manifesting didn’t also occasionally include some blood, sweat, and tears.

I am thinking of this today because outside my kitchen window, there is a big raspberry bush. We did not plant it, but we are sure happy it is here.

When we moved into this home, our hillside was shady and quite thickly laid with layers of English ivy. We culled the trees, and in doing so, created space. I kept thinking how wonderful it would be to fill the hillside with berry bushes, redbuds, fruit trees. Wrestling with the ivy has been more challenging than I anticipated, so actually planting things on the hill is practically impossible.

Impossible for me, but not for Mother Nature; and into that space on the hill countless blackberry, and now raspberry bushes, have sprouted up. Now I realize; those bushes are a manifestation. I drew them into my yard, and my life.

When we first moved into the house, I spent much time looking from the front porch toward the mountain view, a view obscured by a huge weeping willow tree. I adore weeping willows, and admired it often, but often in my mind thought . . . “ahhhh, what a view we would have if that tree was not there.” It was not long until a great portion of the tree came down in a storm. Not long after that, the owners had it dissected and removed. A dear friend tells me that the tree wanted me to have the view. I’ve always felt a little bad about it. It was an excellent lesson about the power of the mind.

The concept of “aham brahmasmi” (I AM the creative principle) is central to yogic thought. Absolute and total responsibility for everything and everyone in your life.

Everything. Everyone.


And the thing is, the more you become self-aware and look to the symbols around you, the faster it happens. You dream a dream, and it creates. You have a desire, and it is fulfilled.

Though, not always in the way you originally thought. You have to be clear; you have to have a vision, and this vision needs to serve not only you but the Universe.

So lately I am studying manifestation with (hopefully) a little more self-awareness; reading up on creating our reality, and how to draw things, people, events, into your personal universe. The book I am reading suggests no coy wording; no “if I could” or “if it’s in my best interest . . .“ It says to ask for what you want; to give thanks for it coming towards you; and to have confidence and faith that this creation will be brought into form.

Whether you realize it or not, YOU are a manifestor. Vow to create more consciously; and to figure out what will bring you happiness, wisdom and joy. And before you begin to dream your dream, be REALLY certain what you THINK you want is truly WHAT you want.

Time to go pick some berries.



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