Lost or Found

Earlier this Summer I wrote this piece … and for whatever reason it seems now is the time to post it….

There are times of great change; of huge shifts. The thing is, we cannot always perceive them clearly. Enormous change sometimes occurs in tiny little cracks; in the briefest of encounters; we go right instead of left; we say no or we say yes; a new destiny is formed in the smallest decision.

Look back at your life; at the momentous moments; the BIG shifts. Sometimes the events are cataclysmic; but often, they are so tiny. Like a mosquito, it just doesn’t seem like it’s that troublesome or important but then….

Such are these times.

I went for a walk tonight; just down the street. My new home, it is very far out; in the woods; on a mountain. I can sometimes forget the majesty that exists outside my own windowpane in the hustle and swirl of my life and responsibilities. Sometimes I forget to look; and even if I look, I forget to see.

This past Summer I traveled in Europe; went to beautiful, famous places; saw incredible mountains, lakes, rivers, vineyards; timeless cities, historic places; I made some amazing memories with people that I love.

But tonight, I simply went for a walk; probably 1,000 footsteps, just a wander; wasn’t meant to be an adventure. Two of my cats following along, so I didn’t want to stray far. Just the three of us and my deep breaths; and tens of thousands of trees; and the barely-wet grass; and the steaming pavement; and the wildflowers; and the cicadas; the first blinking of stars; and the mountains. Oh my goodness! Soft, green, sculpted mountains; the mountains that are my home; that have been my home for … well …. I never intended to stay in this town; yet I have lived here for 27 years; this place; these mountains; these TREES; they are my home.
Fog coming off the ponds; the tiny hum of the train in the distance; the queen anne’s lace and the song of locusts.

So often lately, I feel so lost. A moment on Facebook or looking at the news and I am crushed with fear and apprehension. Lost in doubt and misunderstanding.

Why is it so hard to remember; all I ever need to do is simply step outside; and I am found.

Remember that all is an evolutionary process; that we only have our small part to play; but play that part! Live that life! Breathe that breath! Love that love! BE that PEACE.  Do everything you can to stay grounded; unplug your television; put down your phone.

Our minds will not save this word; but our hearts? Well, they might …

Turn off the noise; step outside; breathe; LIVE.



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