Inspiration. This time of year people are casting about for inspiration to create conscious change in their lives. We all want a catalyst, something or someone that will propel us through the inertia of our habit patterns and old ways of thinking and being.

Interestingly enough, the first definition of inspiration that appears in Webster’s New World Dictionary is this: “1. a breathing in.” And the last is this: “5. a divine influence upon human beings, as that resulting in the writing of the Scriptures.”

Where are you looking for your inspiration to become the best expression of yourself? Will you choose to create meaningful change based on a number on a bathroom scale? Or from realizing that you are co-creator of this life experience and you want to make your life better?

What you are “breathing in” to create change in your life and the lives of those around you? Have you made space in your life for that divine influence to flow in and inspire you?

And most importantly – do you think you’re worthy?

You’ve got to really care about yourself if you want to improve your life. To believe deep down that you deserve all the good things this existence has to offer. To understand that happiness and prosperity, love and respect are all things that can flow into your life if you can get out of your own way.

There’s a lot of self-importance in this world, but not much genuine self-esteem.

When was it that beating ourselves up became a sport?

Do you disagree? Truly – open any magazine, watch television, look at the books on our bookshelves. The message being openly (and not so openly) communicated is “you’re not enough.” You need this product to be more beautiful; this food to be more healthy. A better car; a nicer couch; a cooler phone. Even best-selling book series are for “dummies” and “idiots.”

A couple years ago I purchased the “Idiot’s Guide to Yoga with Children.” When I opened the box and extracted the book, my eldest daughter (age 9 at the time) immediately protested about the name. She took the book, sat down, and taped paper over the word “idiot” on the cover and spine of the book and wrote the word “genuis” in its place.

At the time it didn’t seem very important to me. But every time I see that book on my shelf, it reminds me to think about the importance of positive language and positive symbolism. To watch out for the under-current of negativity in our culture, and counter it with my own brand of positivity.

Go back and review your list of new year’s resolutions; of things you want to change, fix or improve. What is truly inspiring you to make these changes? What are you taking into the very core of your being that will spur you on to become your highest and best self?

Don’t change because your culture wants you to, or your husband wants you to, or your mother, or your neighbors or your boss. Do it because you want the best for you. Because you want to feel healthy, be happy, and become wise. Do it because improving your life is the way to improve the entire world.

Be inspired by the fact that you are a part of God, not apart from God. Know that you are “purnam” — perfect, whole and complete.

Let that knowledge inspire you this year, and always.



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