India 2021

India Spiritual Pilgrimage, March 2021, with Jill Loftis and Gabrielle Kidd


Journey to India with Jill Loftis and Gabrielle Kidd

February 27-March 21, 2021

Travel to the sacred cities of Varanasi, Khajuraho, Orrcha, Agra, and Jaipur with Jill Loftis, Gabrielle Kidd and your friends at Uttara Yoga Studio.  Visit Temples, immerse in the culture of India and travel to amazing places. This is Uttara’s fourth trip to India, and you will be fully sported through the journey with daily yoga, meditation and our amazing guide, Uschi Gibson and her team.

Itinerary, subject to change, more details soon!!!

Feb 28th: Arrive Delhi

Mar 1-Arrive Varanasi, hotel settle and beautiful rhythm on Ganga, Ganga arati on the ghats

Mar 2-Varanasi-Women & Magic

Mar 3-Varanasi-private concert, relaxed morning, afternoon overnight train to Khajuraho

Mar 4-Arrive Khajuraho-Temples, Yoga

Mar 5th-Khajuraho

Mar 6-Khajuraho-Village Program, Yoga

Mar 7-Transition to Orrcha (5 hrs big seat train). Arrive Orrcha early afternoon, visit the cenotaphs and the beautiful Betwa riverfront

Mar 8th-Orrcha-Jahangir Mahal, Chaturbhuj Rama temple, amazing photos, Yoga

Mar 9th-Transition to Agra (3/4 hours by big seat train) Optional Taj visit  for those who want to go

Mar 10th-Breakfast, check out, transition to Jaipur by car (5 hour drive w/break in between), stopping halfway for a stretch & to see the beautiful sun temple Chand Baori

Mar 11th-Jaipur sightseeing

Mar 12th-Flight from Jaipur to Delhi for transition (1hr)