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Okay, so pretend we’re meeting at Sweet Donkey; my favorite local coffee shop and stand-in office. Just you and me and a cup of chamomile or a bottle of kombucha or that wicked good turmeric-ginger latte thingy that they serve….

So I am the Queen of Oversharing, or at least I feel that I am that person (my children remind me that it’s true …). I tell people too much information about my life, but I come from a place of wanting to be honest. It’s so easy to look at the yoga teacher’s life and think we just sit around and meditate in a state of utter bliss in between classes.

Um. No.

We’re driving the carpool, going to Kroger, answering email, feeling angsty about our country and culture (maybe that’s just me) and doing all the things you do too; but within our framework of spirituality and ethic. That makes life sweeter, but not easier. Nope.

So, we’ve temporarily moved the Studio to 2020 Brambleton Ave., SW; it’s going pretty good there, thanks for asking. It’s not ideal; but ideal doesn’t exist. We’re so grateful to Ferguson Fitness for allowing us to sublet their space and run our full schedule. I know the parking has been a little tricky, but that is life running a business in Roanoke. The other options were a partial schedule; a tiny space; or closing down for a couple months. Grateful none of those lesser options had to be deployed.

And we appreciate you sticking with us. We’ve lost some students; some people have cancelled their monthly membership and told us they hope to see us once we are settled. Some have said it is too much trouble to follow us to a temporary location.

I appreciate your flexibility, my yoga friends.

We’ve signed a lease and are moving forward with our new space; it’s at 401 Highland Avenue, SE; corner of Fourth and Highland; a couple short blocks from our former space on Albemarle. It’s a hop-skip from 581; it’s a space that allows us to grow. Two yoga rooms (so we can expand our yoga teacher training schedule); two practitioner rooms to sublet for massage therapists or other related practices; a nice reception area; two big bathrooms. No one above us or below us; the whole space is ours, the rest of the building just storage for our landlord. And our landlord; a younger guy who really seems to understand our potential and wants to help us to grow and thrive.


We are super-hopeful to land there in early May; but, you know; construction, permits, etc. I promise to keep you informed.

We are currently trying to raise some cash; get some money to contribute to the build-out. We need a good floor, some insulation; infrared heaters to control the temperature and actually offer hot yoga. It’s a big step; it’s a giant leap of transformation. And trust. Trusting….
Trusting the process. Trusting God. Trusting that we are good people trying to do good things and bring health and joy and connection and love and spirituality into the lives of people in our area. Trusting our role as a foundation to teach yoga teachers and broaden the reach of yoga, mindfulness and spirituality. Yes; all of that.

We have several times in the past offered a “yoga sampler” to raise money for other causes. And this Saturday, March 17, we’re holding a donation-based yoga sampler to benefit ourselves. I hope you can attend OR donate to the cause. We start at 1:00 pm and offer 45 minute classes on the hour every hour, ending with Kimberly’s incredible Sound Savasana at 5:00 pm. The full schedule is in the workshop section of the website.

Please know that I would not ask for money; ask for help; if I didn’t really need it. It’s a go big or go home moment. I decided to go big. I think I made the right decision. But truly, every little bit you could offer would be helpful.

And finally; since you and me; we’re having tea and hanging out and all; thanks for asking about my hip issue. I’m still hurting, but doing pretty well. I had two cortisone shots in the Fall and they helped a lot; I’m still on the wait list to have both hips replaced (which is terrifying ….). In the meantime I am applying full woo-woo to my medical issue. I’m soaking in salt water; seeking out mineral baths; getting massage and sound therapy and acupuncture. Praying hard and visualizing my body whole and healthy and pain free … that’s the dream. The past few months have been so much better; the past couple weeks … not so much.

My kids are good; my relationship is wonderful; my chickens are great; I’m getting ready to launch my astrology website; we’ve got another trip to India coming up that I would love to tell you about ….

I just need to get my business settled and then, I think, I will smile a little more.

So; tell me, friend; how are you?



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  1. Terry Flaherty

    Abundant love to you, my friend, fellow yogini, teacher, mama, seeker. You share so much love with all…it is just your time to receive… love is at the base of healing and prosperity and every single thing. You will be back in what feels like flow soon…even though you are always flowing, fluid, moving and at the same time, absolutely still…ah “Jillness” ha. I can’t wait to try a class at Brambleton and then your new studio home in OSW…I’m so infrequently in town these days (You know my commute!) and usually on the other side. I love experiencing Uttara classes in any space. Peace to you and your family through all of this transition. T


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