Hell Yes! or No

A recent conversation brought up a new resolution of a friend of a friend of a friend.  My friend told me that this woman was planning her Summer and had decided that she would choose how she spent her time based on whether her internal response was “Hell Yes!” 

Anything that wasn’t a “Hell Yes!” would be a No.”

That conversation has permeated my life and my teachings.  In very good and profound ways.  Cause I don’t know about you, but my life can end up being a whole series of maybe, sorta and I guess so.

How often when you choose to do something, is it a “Hell Yes” — ?  The activities you choose, the meals you eat, the media you absorb.  The people you spend time on; the things you spend money on.  How much is perfunctory, obligatory, not-what-you-really-wanted. 

When you think about an average day in your life, are you enthused, inspired, excited; or just waiting for a future that never seems to arrive?

How much of your response to daily life is “okay,” “probably,” or “well, alright?”

Of course, there are responsibilities; of course, there are things we have to do; no one says Hell Yes to taxes or toilet scrubbing, but what if we approached even the tedious parts of our life with that attitude of getting it DONE and moving ON to the good stuff — and knowing that we have created and accepted multiple experiences and opportunities for the good stuff?

I read a beautiful quote recently in Rob Brezney’s Free Will Astrology (www.freewillastrology.com); I highly recommend his website.  It was proffered as a weekly horoscope for Libras; but I hope we will all take it to heart:

“There is always an enormous temptation in all of life,” writes Annie Dillard, “to diddle around making itsy-bitsy friends and meals and journeys for itsy-bitsy years on end . . . I won’t have it. The world is wider than that in all directions, more dangerous and bitter, more extravagant and bright.”  — Your assignment in the coming weeks, Libra, is to transcend whatever is itsy-bitsy about your life. The alternative? Head toward the frontier and drum up experiences that will thrill your heart and blow your mind.

So, my friends; here is your assignment, and mine, too — I charge you with creating a life of beauty and service; of doing what thrills you and scares you and what you cosmically came to do.  LIVE YOUR LIFE. 

No more itsy-bitsy; no more maybe or just okay.  HELL YES! or NO.



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