Preparing for Class

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What to wear
Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing. It is helpful to the instructors if you wear clothing that isn’t too loose, so that they can check your alignment in the poses. Layers are a good idea because portions of the class can be quite warming and the final relaxation is quite cooling. Shoes are taken off in the dressing area/reception area prior to entering the yoga studio. Mats are available and all necessary props are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own mat, eye pillow, etc.

To eat or not to eat
Come to class with an empty stomach. Wait at least two hours after a large meal, or one hour if it is a lighter snack. If you must eat just prior to class, make it something light, like fruit. We have water available at the studio, but we suggest you come to class reasonably well hydrated to avoid dizziness.

Timing & courtesy
Please arrive about ten minutes prior to the scheduled start time so you can use the restroom and get set up. Late arrivals will miss the vital centering and warm-up phase of the class.

Please turn off your cell phones and pagers (if you have a special situation that necessitates leaving these devices on, please discuss this with the class instructor).

Many people these days are sensitive to strong fragrances, so no strongly scented colognes or lotions, please.

Special conditions
Be certain to tell your instructor if you have any current or healing injuries, illnesses or medical conditions. Poses can be modified to suit your needs, but the instructor must be made aware of your situation in order to advise you properly. Please advise your instructor if you are pregnant or post-partum.

If you have any questions, never hesitate to call our office, or speak to your instructor prior to class.