Class Descriptions

Listed alphabetically

An all-level class that emphasizes proper alignment and movement linked with breath. Intelligent, mindful sequencing of poses that build internal heat and focus in preparation for a full fifteen-minute savasana and meditation practice.  All levels welcome, poses will be modified or advanced based on your level of yoga practice.

Yoga for every BODY. No experience necessary, each class will be suited to beginners, but those with experience are welcome, too. Learn breathing techniques, stretch and strengthen the body and quiet the mind. Give yoga a chance to change your life. Be sure to review the “Preparing for Class” link that is on our schedule page, or call/email with questions.

“Bhakti” means devotion and in this class we will honor many aspects of the 8-Limb Path including chanting, mudras, pranayama, gentle asana and meditation. Each month we will work with a new chant and mudra along with gentle yin and yang asana coordinating movement and breathe to open the body’s energetic pathways thus creating peace in the mind and tranquility in the body. Each class will end with a guided meditation. All levels welcome!

A gentle, flowing class for yogis of all ages and abilities. Great class for beginners. Ease into your work week with this soothing practice in our beautiful, candlelit studio. Occasionally includes restorative yoga poses, and yoga nidra.

This grounding, innovative class goes deep – from strengthening & restoring your inner core unit to nurturing a better relationship with your body. We use micro-movements with hand placements to connect mind & muscle while weaving in yoga poses that open the hips & heart. Self-massage is incorporated & we end with a sound bath savasana. Open to all levels of yogis.  Ideal for postpartum mamas; especially helpful for ab separation & pelvic floor issues for any age

This class is an all level flow class nourishing mind/body/spirit, promoting the perfect balance between movement and stillness while deepening awareness and intensity. Class will include forward folds, twists, backbends, hip openers, shoulder openers and inversions. Beginners will learn to build on the basics and advanced yogis will have the time to explore a deeper level of strength and power all while exploring effort and ease.

A practice to explore Sthira sukhamasanam – the yoga sutra that reminds us to practice asana (poses) with steadiness and ease. This class uses guided mindfulness and slower-paced breath centered movement on the mat (seated, standing and supine) which allows us to explore the relationships between body, breath, mind and spirit and a path toward well-being. This class will calm the nervous system while also gently building strength, flexibility and balance.

In this heated (85-95 degrees) flow based class we will utilize dynamic movements, twists, forward folds, & inversions to encourage our body’s natural ability to detox. A homemade organic (herbal blend) immune boosting/lymphatic detox tea will be offered before and after class, free of charge. A basic knowledge of yoga poses is recommended, and modifications for varying intensity will be offered.

Power Yoga is an athletic, vinyasa (unbroken sequence) class. In these classes the postures are all connected with movement; one pose naturally flows into the next. We begin with centering, warm-ups, then move into a more active practice. We wrap up with cooling, calming postures, and end with a deep relaxation. Poses flow quickly from one to the other, so a knowledge of basic yoga poses is recommended.  Modifications will be available for students with specific restrictions.

This all level class provides an opportunity to disconnect from the busy activity of daily life, by slowly moving through poses, exploring your mind and body at a natural and steady pace.  This practice uses props to support the longer holding of simple poses to achieve a deep state of relaxation, centering your breath and body.   Restorative Yoga is a healing and nurturing experience that eliminates stress and fatigue, soothes the nervous system, encourages mindfulness while cultivating body and breath awareness.

Warm class based on the Ashtanga primary series.  Designed to align the mind, body and breath in seamless harmony.  Creates a therapeutic balance. Improve strength, flexibility, focus and overall mindfulness using ujjayi breathing, bandhas (energetic locks), and asana (yoga poses).

This hot class will help you to deepen your body/mind connection. Yoga poses to challenge and strengthen you with a focus on core, rhythmic flows, and advanced poses as well as balancing your mind with Ujjayi breathing, Bandhas and Mudras. Some yoga experience required.

This class has the same great vibe as Soul Sweat, just a little slower and less intense. Dive deep into the heart with a soulful practice that will leave you both invigorated, connected, and refreshed. This is a heated class that will move you through basic yoga postures. You will be encouraged to use your breath and awareness of body in the poses to help you connect with and explore your own inner light.

Some people call this class “Yoga Church,” maybe because it’s on a Sunday morning, or maybe because of the beautiful weaving of physical practice and connecting to spirit. Unite with your center in this heated flow featuring plenty of sun salutations mixed with unique sequencing to challenge your body and still your mind and connect with Self. A knowledge of basic yoga postures will help you be successful in this class, but otherwise plenty of variations are offered to make it accessible to you.

Savasana is the final pose in all yoga classes; when you lay down in a comfortable position and just let go. This class is all about moving into a deeper state of relaxation.  Our three sound healers Kimberly, Cheryl and Betsy each rotate through the schedule, using singing bowls and different instruments to create sounds that promote healing vibrations.  When the body and mind are fully relaxed, this is when the body can truly heal and repair itself. You simply lay on the floor while being supported by props and blankets, completely receptive as the sound washes over you.  All you need is an open mind and heart to experience the benefits of this special class.

An all-level challenging class that awakens the body/mind connection and brings awareness to the connection between movement and breath.  Expect plenty of sun salutations as well as forward bends, backbends, inversions and arm balances that focus on aligning body and mind through the rhythmic movement of the breath.

An intense, face-paced flow practice with rocking music and lots of sun salutes. All levels welcome, but know that this class is geared towards the seasoned practitioner.  Join us a few minutes before class begins for chanting and time to sink in.  Lots of strength-building poses, arm balances, and opportunities to grow your practice all in a sweet, accepting vibe.

This Level 1-2 class will be in a warm room (around 80 degrees) with lots of sun salutations and variations on the basics set to grooving music.  Emphasis on standing poses and core work.  Simple inversions only.  Class easily adapted to be less or more intense, depending on what your body needs.  All levels welcome.

This class combines an active and dynamic warm up with an organic floor based Yin based practice in a room heated to 80-85 degrees. The dynamic warm up opens up all the major muscle groups so that it is more easeful for  the body to maintain longer holds and dive deeper into a peaceful state of release.  Yin Flow emphasizes core and transitional movement awareness, intense breath work, and how to engage the mind/body connection to restore and renew the entire being. Options are given so that all levels of students can customize their practice.

A practice designed to balance and nourish, this class will soothe and settle the nervous system. Poses are held longer with props to provide comfort in a heated room. Yin yoga encourages deeper release of the fascia, and assists in dissolving patterns of muscular tension. Mudra and Mantra are offered as techniques for focusing attention and quieting the mind during practice.

Our same great Power workout class in a heated room for more sweat and intensity.

This class is designed to combine passive and active asanas with pranayama to assist the student in deepening their practice. We will begin with active poses and sun salutations to create heat. Then move into deep Yin poses, using long, passive holds to work to stretch the connective tissues (joints) of the body. Yang poses are the opposite but complimentary of Yin poses. Rather than holding poses for several minutes, you are moving and flowing through the poses to create heat and strengthen the muscles.Class open to all levels.

Improve your performance and body recovery with this all-level yoga class. Yoga for Athletes is designed to therapeutically target tight bodies to release muscle tightness and tension as well as work with fascia and connective tissue. Traditional yoga postures are modified in ways that make them accessible for all body types. A class with an informal, fun vibe. Thai yoga massage techniques will be woven into the practice, as well as use of foam rollers and lacrosse balls for targeted tension relief. No yoga experience necessary!