August 2011

“We should be training for August [2011] like athletes.” — Mystic Medusa

This is from a post back in July by one of my favorite astrologers, who goes by the moniker Mystic Medusa. If you haven’t noticed, this has been a very interesting month in most people’s lives; very few are unaffected.

The question is, how are you doing? [Not just the little surface smile and “I’m fine.”] How are you really doing with . . . everything!

Cosmically, some very long-term aspects are being triggered, both within us and around us. The key with any change is to try to approach it in a balanced way; a harmonious way; a don’t-throw-yourself-under-the-bus way. But it is important to note that the aspects being touched upon this month are just a tiny taste of what is coming; these are big, long-term cycles. Expect similar circumstances and energies next July-August, and continuing on for at least two years after that.


Now, I don’t tell you this to frighten you, and if you’ve been following this blog for any period of time, this is not news to you. But for those of you who have become complacent; who think they can just tie a knot and hang on and it’ll all go away, please; don’t do that.

If you are experiencing intuitive flashes that require you to lighten up, shift directions, let go of old ways of doing and being in this world, listen to them. If you are not yet journaling, please, PLEASE begin. When these cycles repeat – with more intensity – it will be ever so helpful for you to have a record of your thoughts, a record of what was happening in your outer world AND your inner world. Both are important.

If you do not have a meditation practice, or take time for quiet, peace and prayer, I strongly urge you to commit to at least a minute or two a day. A clear head and the ability to use wisdom under pressure will serve you well.

Remember that all is karma; all is earned. You signed UP for this existence.

Use the infinite power of your mind to create a balanced life for yourself; whenever terrible thoughts attach to you, immediately wrap them in light and say in your mind “it does NOT have to be like this.”

Slipping into fear, anger, sadness, despair; these are not useful emotions. Counter fear with courage and faith; counter anger with compassion and understanding; counter sadness with happiness and joy; counter despair with hope and love.

And, hang in there.



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