Another Blog . . . .

Hi everyone,

 I have a new gig; have started a question and answer blog called “Ask Uttara.”

 No worries, I will not abandon this blog, despite my lack of posts.  And despite the fact that I will have to channel my inner multi-armed Goddess to approach all the projects that are currently on my radar.

 I am attaching a link that will lead you to today’s question and response about letting go; I hope you will find it helpful and follow along if you choose, either through the webpage or on Facebook.

 Interestingly enough I reference a favorite quote from Dr. Seuss; I believe he was a great yogi, right up there with those who immediately come to mind beyond my lineage — Mother Teresa, Yoda and Mr. Rogers.  Though perhaps those souls even wander into the title of “Guru” — which simply means remover of darkness.

Also of note was that as I sought out the book Oh the Places You’ll Go! my daughter helped me search the shelves.  We have reached the stage that it is not sought-after reading material; it was mixed in with the other large but thin children’s books; the spine broken from love and use.

When she asked why I was looking for the book, I told her I needed a quote for the blog – that I was looking to quote the part about waiting.
“Of course” she replied.  “Umm, really?” I asked; “How did you know?”  “Because you talk about it all the time!” she said.


So, maybe; just maybe; possibly — I don’t totally suck at this mothering thing after all.

Much love and blessings,


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