UYTT Testimonials

What can be said about giving yourself the gift of 200 hours of yoga teacher training? 

That you will deepen your yoga practice and understanding of yoga philosophy and learn simple practical ways of applying this philosophy to your every day life. 

That you will learn how to cherish yourself, you will arrive at a place where you want to cherish yourself, a place where you believe on a visceral level that you are with cherishing. 

That you will begin a journey of life long learning that may or may not lead to teaching yoga classes, but if your goal is to teach, you will have learned fundamentals of language, instruction, assisting, sequencing, demonstrating and progressing classes for all levels. 

YTT 200. Be the change.
– Sarah


It changed my life ..the way I see the world and beyond.  I made connections that I hope will last the rest of my days and beyond.

It was more they I could every of thought or imagined….I humbly thank Jill and all the other that took the time to co-create that space for me…and so many other.  


Before beginning my yoga teacher training with Uttara, I was in a transitional time in my life. I had recently moved to Roanoke and was a new mother. I was searching for meaning and purpose after deciding to leave my career to stay at home with my daughter. Uttara Yoga Studio completely fulfilled my high hopes and I couldn’t be happier with the great deal of knowledge I acquired throughout this training. The topics covered, including philosophy, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, asana, hands-on assisting, the Yoga Sutras, and much more, were so throughly and carefully taught it amazes me how much we were able to learn in 200 hours.

I have a handful of friends who are yoga teachers and they were blown away how unique and elevated the topics covered during the training. I am extremely happy with this program and feel truly proud to be able to call myself a graduate. There is something so special when like-minded people come together and grow in every aspect of life. I feel so fortunate to have found Uttara, a safe and accepting place, and to have such wise teachers like Jill and Wendi.
Thank you!
– Nicole


I can’t say enough fabulous things about my teacher training at Uttara. I’m in my 50’s and had been wanting to take teacher training to delve deeper into the many aspects of Yoga (not just the asana practice) for many years. The teacher training was everything I had hoped for and even more. I looked into various local and international TT programs and am so very glad that I chose this program. Jill and Wendi are wonderful, knowledgeable, inspiring ladies who worked very hard to assist each of us, as individuals, to grow and get out of the program what we individually wanted. It’s obvious that they had to cover certain topics for Yoga Alliance, but I was super pleased when they adjusted topics based on student interest many times throughout our 6 months together. The classes in Anatomy and Physiology were excellent and easy to follow and apply, and the Ayurvedic training phenomenal. Equally wonderful was the diverse mix of TT students – each very different (age, practice level, education, experience, goals), but each aspiring to learn and grow. Participating in the UYTT Program was a gift that I gave myself. It was a “life changer,” and I am so happy that I did it.

Peace and Love,
– Christine