UYSfullLogoWelcome to Uttara Yoga Studio, a safe, nurturing yoga community in Roanoke, Virginia.

Uttara Yoga Studio


Roanoke – 401 Highland Ave SE, Roanoke VA 24013

Salem, Open July 1 – 11 Library Square, Salem, VA 24153
(upstairs inside the Dancing Crane Center)

Purchase Class Packs and Passes

Note that all class packs and unlimited memberships are non-transferrable and non-refundable; sign up for our monthly auto-debit program and receive a discount, inquire at the Studio for details.

Our goal is to help our students to become healthier, happier and more comfortable with their bodies; to teach them ways to calm and focus their minds; to help them become stronger and more vital; and re-connect to their inner divine light.

Uttara (oo-ta-ra) (Sanskrit): other; crossing over; North; Royal Daughter
Yoga (yo-gah) (Sanskrit): union; to yoke; integration